About us

About Our Company

Hube Pvt. Ltd. is the pioneer of bringing the latest technology from around the globe through its products to the Homes of our customers. With an Overarching Product Line of IoT Devices, Smart Consumer Electronics and Electrical Appliances, we are Focused towards transforming the everyday lives of our customers and making the latest technologies accessible to people throughout the globe.

We Strongly believe in efficient work practices and Transparent operations that is what has helped us Scale Globally. Most of our Manufacturing is done in Asian Countries and specially China while our Products sell in over 4 Continents in Countries including the United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Canada and Pakistan through 3 of our Sister concern companies.

Why US?

At Hube, we are dedicated towards creating a range of Plush and Elegant products centered around the demands of consumers to become the most preferred Tech brand around the globe. We thrive to create High Quality products with an unwavering focus around the Latest Technological Trends to Make the everyday lives of our customers Better.

We believe in creating Smart Hardware with absolute commitment towards Next level Customer Service and this is why All our products come with a minimum of 1-Year Full Service Warranty to ensure that our Customers feel Completely relaxed whenever they sought to Choose Our products.

For us, every unit that is Shipped to our Customers is not just a product but a Promise, a Promise of Luxury, Innovation and Quality.

Our Story

Hube Pvt. Ltd was founded by a duo of two highly Passionate Entrepreneurs who realized a big gap in the market, the lack of Quality Electronic Gadgets featuring the latest Technological Trends. Available options in the market consisted either of Lowkey dropshippers with no focus on Quality and Customer Service or Big Tech companies who were Slow at innovation and charged tonnes of money for their Old School Products. It was this realization that led to the birth of Hube.

With a mission to make the Latest Technological Products accessible to the masses and Improve Quality of life, Hube is relentlessly involved in Rigorous Research and Development in order to build amazing tech products that are sure to raise eyebrows and make jaws drop at first sight.

If you are someone who would love to Experience Futuristic products, then make sure to follow us on all Social Platforms and Frequently check our Website as we continue to bring more and more outstanding products to make your everyday life special.


Our Mission is to make Latest technologies accessible to Everyone by creating Amazing Products with utmost focus on Groundbreaking Innovation and Superior Quality thereby Improving everyday lives of our customers


To Enhance people’s lives with Futuristic Products and Become a Global Household name synonymous with Innovation and Reliability.

About Our Team

About Our Team

Hunain Siraj Barkati

Hunain Siraj Barkati

Director & Chief Executive Officer

Muhammad Ibad Imran

Muhammad Ibad Imran

Director & Chief Operating Officer

Muhammad Ansar Imran

Muhammad Ansar Imran

Chief Technology Officer