Your Guide to Using Power Banks: Tips, Do's & Don’ts

Your Guide to Using Power Banks: Tips, Do's & Don’ts

You know that anxious feeling when the ‘low battery’ notification pops up on your screen?! Especially when you’re out of home, attending a party or nowhere near an outlet to charge. Luckily, a power bank can be your go-to device.

Ranging in size from small to fit in your pocket, higher capacity and aesthetically designed power banks come in handy.

But do you ever feel like your power bank can’t keep up? To get the best performance, you need to learn the basics of power banks.

3 Quick Tips for Using a Power Bank

Here are some tips to enhance your power bank’s battery life and capacity.

  • Never Overcharge It
  • One of the most common mistakes we make is forgetting to unplug power banks when fully charged. Thus it leads to reduced battery life and capacity. Overcharging your power bank will shorten its lifespan and is just a waste of electricity!

    Never Overcharge It

  • Cable Quality Matters
  • One of the most overlooked thing, cable wires are crucial for a power bank as it protects against overheating. Only use cable wires from power bank manufacturers that guarantee original quality and same result each time.

    Cable Quality Matters

    Third-party and low quality cable wires will slow the charging speed, and will reduce conductivity performance. 

  • Check for Review
  • As thousands of different types of power banks are available in the market, make sure you check the reviews of the brand before purchasing. Key factors to consider before choosing:

    • Conversion Rate
    • Performance
    • Quality
    • Warranty Coverage
    • Power Indicator
    • Brand Quotient 

    Check for Review

    Dos & Don’ts of Using Your Power Bank

    If you want to ensure your power bank battery lives long, follow these essential Dos and Don’ts for better performance.

    Do: Store the power bank in a cooler place and keep it away from heat or a hot place. It will impact performance, creating inconsistency in the current flow and decreasing the battery's lifespan.

    Don’t: Plugging your mobile into a power bank while charging will increase the time it takes to be fully powered. It could cause harmful chemical leaks in the battery and damage your phone permanently.

    Do: Make sure you use a high-quality fast charging power bank so that you no longer have to frequently fret over the draining of the battery.

    Don’t: When you drop a power bank, high chances are that it leaves behind a trail of metal shavings. While some power banks are durable, others can’t sustain damage if you drop them.

    Do: Monitor the temperature of the power bank when charging to avoid extremely hot or cold, as it can damage the battery and reduce performance.

    Don’t: It may sound obvious, but use a power bank to charge mobile only, as different devices may have different voltages and can drain too much power.

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