Why Get a Wireless Charger? Advantages & Some Myths

Why Get a Wireless Charger? Advantages & Some Myths

Wireless chargers have gained much popularity, particularly after the boom of ‘smart devices.’  While it may sound futuristic, it’s far from new, as magnetic induction technology was discovered in 1894 by Nikola Tesla.

If you’re considering moving to wireless charging, you’ve probably heard the myths about this technology. Let’s debunk the most common myths, so you can let the fact be your guide.

Myth No.1 – Wireless Charges can Damage the Phone

It is just a myth that wireless charging damages a phone’s battery and generates more heat than wired charging. A 10,000 mAh fast wireless charger can help to extend the battery’s lifespan.

Wireless Charges can Damage the Phone

Myth No.2 – Wireless Charger Won’t Work with Cases

Most high-quality wireless chargers easily work through the plastic phone case up to 3mm. There is no need to remove the phone case to start charging. However, magnetic mounts and other such objects can make it difficult to charge.

Wireless Charger Won’t Work with Cases

Myth No.3 – Wireless Chargers are Slow

It is not entirely true, but if the phone is not placed in the center of the wireless charging device, it may not charge the phone properly.

 Wireless Chargers are Slow

Why Wireless Chargers are better?

A powerful wireless charger keeps your phone charged without clutter. You simply place your phone on the charging pad, and it starts charging. There are so many reasons people switch to wireless charging. Let’s talk about some advantages of using wireless chargers.

Why Wireless Chargers are better?

  • More Convenient to Use
  • Wireless chargers are easy to use, with no interface between the charger and the phone. It allows you to charge the phone without worrying about plug-ins. Also, it doesn’t need cables, and is getting more efficient as technology advances.

    More Convenient to Use

  • More Durable
  • You don’t need to plug or unplug your phone with a cable, so your phone has no wear and tear. There’s no strain on the cable or your phone’s charging port.

    More Durable

  • No Overheating
  • Once your phone has reached full charge, a fast wireless charger will shut down automatically. It reduces the risk of overheating the phone’s battery.

    No Overheating

  • Universal Compatibility
  • Wireless chargers are universally compatible; you can easily charge your phones of almost all brands. And fast wireless charger helps you save time and charge up to 3 devices simultaneously.

    Universal Compatibility

    Want more information on a fast wireless charger? Ultimately the best option for you depends on your needs and preference. Hube Pvt Ltd provides a high-quality 10,000 MAH Qi-Compatible Wireless Charger.