Top Air Fryer mistakes everybody makes

Top Air Fryer mistakes everybody makes - Here is how you can avoid them

Top Air Fryer mistakes everybody makes - Here is how you can avoid them..There is no denying the fact that air fryers have taken over the mass media and have become one of the top food trends in the recent past. Once the air fryer becomes part of your home it will be just a matter of moments before it will take a space in your heart as well. Keeping an air fryer as your essential kitchen item isn’t enough, using the air fryer proficiently is equally important.


1) Improper cooking with Aluminium Foil

Using an aluminium foil on your food might constrict the airflow and can result in the food being cooked improperly. Ideally, if you intend to use foil on your food, use it bare minimum in the bottom of the basket so that it doesn’t cover the entire food and it doesn’t constrict the airflow.

Improper cooking with Aluminium Foil

Keep in mind that foil should not cover the holes which circulate the air around the basket. There are holes in the basket and on the bottom of the air fryer and if the foil you use blocks these holes it will restrict the air from circulating.


2) Overcrowding your Air Fryer

If you add too much food on your air fryer basket it will become overcrowded and can result in food being half undercooked or half burnt. Ideally, you should cook your food in batches and not fill your air fryer more than halfway full. You can also buy yourself an air fryer which is bigger in size. For instance, the 7 Litre spacious basket of Hube air fryers can cook meals for up to 5-8 people in just one go.

Overcrowding your Air Fryer

Nonetheless, the good thing about the air fryer is even if you cook your food in batches, it is still speedier in process and can save you a lot of time.


3) Not enough space for Air Fryer

Adequate ventilation is essential for all machines. Just like other machines, the air fryer also needs space for proper cooking. You must make sure that there is enough space underneath your air fryer and between your kitchen walls. Ideally, you should have 5 inches of space from all sides. You should also make sure that your air fryer is on a stable and heat-proof surface when you use it.


4) Not careful with cleaning

The longer you leave your food in the air fryer, the harder it is going to be to clean it. The leftover food in the air fryer can be burnt into crisp the next time you use the air fryer. The more you prolong your cleaning, the harder it will be to clean it. Not to mention, it gets unhygienic and stinky in your kitchen.

Not careful with cleaning

You can come across a number of problems if you don’t clean your air fryer often. The leftover oil residue in the basket can affect the flavor of your food. Thereby, wash your air fryer basket, bottom tray, and drawer with soap and water after every use.  Some of the air fryers like the Hube latest air fryer come with easy cleaning and maintenance. Hube air fryer offers a net version that filters out the extra oil and is far more convenient for cleaning than other conventional ovens.


5) Preheating the Air fryer

You can’t expect miracles by just throwing your food in a basket and then setting the temperature. In order for your air fryer to show its charm you need to preheat your air fryer before you use it. An Air fryer needs to be hot enough so that you can properly cook your food, by not adjusting the setting beforehand, you might end up compromising on your food.


Preheating the Air fryer

6) You can’t set it and forget it

You can get your perfectly cooked meal from an air fryer but for the best results, you need to flip or shake your food halfway through cooking.  You can’t just put your food in the air fryer, walk away and expect an evenly cooked meal. To make sure your food crisps up evenly from both sides, it is ideal to timely check on it.

You can’t set it and forget it

Checking your air fryer periodically also alerts you of any sign of mishap and you can take precautionary measures to avoid the troubles.


7) Not being Careful with Cheese

While picture-perfect melting cheese might sound tempting, using cheese with coating in an air fryer might create a huge mess. You also have to be careful when it comes to selecting cheese for your food. Similarly, putting shredded cheese in an air fryer might result in cheese melting and getting stuck to the bottom of your air fryer and not on your food. In addition to this, grilled cheese can get burnt under the intense pressure of hot air. So it is suggested to carefully monitor the timing and temperature of Air fryer when cooking food items containing Cheese in them.

Not being Careful with Cheese

It is good to have comfortable kitchenware like air fryer but it is best to know how to make use of it and reap its full benefits. As a matter of fact, if you invest in a quality product, you are investing in your quality of life.  Hube Air fryer offers you a 24-month warranty to ensure customer satisfaction. For Hube kitchen appliances, customer satisfaction is the top-most priority.