Things You Need to Know Before Buying a Car Vacuum

Things You Need to Know Before Buying a Car Vacuum

Do you find it difficult to clean your car? Or are you tired of washing your car every single day due to dust and grit accumulated throughout the day? No matter how careful you are, the dust gets inside and needs to be cleaned at regular intervals.

There’s high time you get a car vacuum that lets you clean your car whenever you need to! That’s more like it.

So, keep reading to know all the important things you need to know before buying a car vacuum.

What is a Car Vacuum?

A car vacuum is a portable electronic machine that cleans all the dirt, dust, and other filth from the inside of your vehicle. There are two main types of car vacuum cleaners.

  1. Wet Car Vacuum – A wet car vacuum sucks up dirt and dust inside your car and even cleans debris on the seats.
  2. Dry Car Vacuum – A dry car vacuum removes all the dust from the inside of the car and gives a better-than-new finish to most car interiors.

Types of Car Vacuums

Wet and dry car vacuums completely clean your car from the inside, include dry dust and debris, and effectively collect dirt from wet areas also. You can easily rinse your car interiors with a wet vacuum. And dry vacuum uses detergent to clean the surfaces.

A rotary car vacuum uses two rotating brushes to clean the car’s surface and interiors. The brushes installed in this vacuum are commonly known as scrubbers.

Airflow car vacuums have a fan that sucks up all the dust, dirt, and grit from the inside of the car via the fan’s exhaust.

Key Features to Look for in a Vacuum

Here are the key features you need to look for when purchasing a car vacuum for your car.

Cleaner capacity – Make sure the car vacuum you purchase has at least 400ml capacity. Make sure it has enough space to clean and collect the dust from your car’s interior. 

Suction power – It is recommended to buy a car vacuum with at least an air volume of 1 litre to efficiently clean your car completely from the inside. A powerful and lightweight vacuum perfectly cleans your car from tricky spots and the overall surface.

Motor – You don’t want to continuously charge your vacuum or replace its battery. It is always better to get a vacuum with an efficient motor power that has a minimum of 250 watts. 

Warranty – Before purchasing a vacuum, you need to be aware of the warranty that comes with it. In case you need to replace or repair any part of the vacuum, a warranty will cover the costs.


Choosing the best vacuum cleaner for your car can ensure better suction, dirt removal, air filtration, and easier operation. Vacuums are one of the most important car accessories that can be used on the floor or under your car seat, and the process is usually pretty quick and easy.

Selecting a vacuum seems an easy task, but with many options out there, it becomes a bit challenging to choose from among them. To simplify your search, you can use our guide to purchase the right car vacuum for your needs. These important features discussed in this guide can help you identify if the vacuum fits your need and may help you get the job done perfectly.