Airfryer pizza

Say Good-Bye to Frozen Pizza- Here are Top Tricks to Make Awesome Air Fryer Pizza With a Crispy Crust

Not every day is a takeout day and not every day we want to order pizza and let's face it those restaurant pizzas can get out of our budget.

If you belong to a family where everyone has a craze for pizzas then you must have also tried frozen pizza to keep those cravings satisfied.

Whereas frozen pizza can give you that instant fulfillment but they aren’t that crispy and tasty, to be honest. How about a solution where you can get yourself that restaurant-style pizza crisp and at the same time lip-smacking taste? 

Let's wrap the frozen pizza trends aside and embrace the perfectly crispy and easy-to-make air fryer pizza. It is a known fact that an air fryer oven can not only cook vegetables, fries, and chicken but it has the capabilities to cook a whole lot, you will be amazed to see the kind of magic it brings to your palate.

The thing is pizza cooked in the air fryer can be a game changer because not only does it cook easily, but it also cooks more quickly than your other conventional ovens. The cherry on the top is the fact that you get this perfect crispy bottom crust from the air fryer that might be hard to get from other traditional ovens. 

Here are some top tricks that can get you an awesome pizza with a crispy crust

Cook Crust

Air fryer pizza Pre-heating the air fryer is always the pro tip to bring that desired taste to your food. Ideally, an air fryer should be adequately hot enough beforehand so that the taste of your food isn’t compromised. Therefore, when you are preparing your pizza in the air fryer you should make sure that you cook the crust for at least 3 minutes. Precooking the crust will give you that crispy bottom and you wouldn’t have to overcook the toppings. 

Assemble Pizza 

Air fryer oven pizzaThe ideal way to make an awesome pizza is to make a pizza and then transfer it into your air fryer basket. As a matter of fact, different air fryers are designed in different ways, some have a front opening door like those of mini ovens whereas some has big 7 litre basket like Hube top quality air fryers, before you start preparing your pizza you need to know that assembling of your pizza will depend on the structure and size of air fryer basket.

Ideally, after preheating your air fryer you can prepare the basket with olive oil or with a nonstick cooking spray and a parchment paper liner so that your pizza doesn’t stick on the basket. After you are done preparing your air fryer, you can roll the pizza dough on a floured surface, you can also make the dough similar to the size of your basket. 

The good thing about Hube's 7-liter capacity is that in just one go you can make your favorite meals in large quantities. Imagine the number of servings you can get if you prepare a large-size pizza on a top-rated Hube air fryer. Picking an air fryer with a large capacity can be a huge time-saver for you.

The right way to make it is to first gather the pre-cooked dough in your air fryer and then add your toppings. You can layer your dough with pizza sauce and then sprinkle mozzarella cheese and your favorite toppings on top of it. 

Cooking Trick 

Airfryer oven pizza recipeWhen you have assembled your ingredients and dough on the basket, the trickiest part is the duration of its cooking. The good thing about an air fryer is that it will only take a couple of minutes to get your desired pizza but you need to make sure that you cook it until the cheese has melted and you see a golden-brown crisp crust.

You can add additional cheese, and red pepper flakes just before you serve to bring in that extra flavor.

Get Best Results

Airfryer pizzaIn order to get the best results for your air fryer pizza, you must use mozzarella cheese. Using shredded mozzarella cheese doesn’t let your pizza get too greasy or soggy. Secondly, try using an appropriate sauce like pizza sauce, tomato sauce, basil sauce, or any of your favorite sauces as the base of your pizza.

Thirdly, if you want to bring in the flavorsome taste of ingredients like mushrooms, banana peppers, or pepperoncini peppers you can always use them as your toppings.  Lastly, if you are looking for a thin crust, use a rolling pin and try rolling your dough to the consistency you want.

latest air fryerHaving your own personal pizza made out of your favorite ingredients can give a wonderful round of treats to your appetite. If you are someone who craves a personal pizza that is not greasy at all and which brings you tons of flavors then look no further than the top-quality Hube air fryers. These top-notch quality air fryers can make your life super easy.

Believe it or not, Air fryer pizza takes way less time than selecting a restaurant pizza and ordering it. Let's not deny that the pizza made in an air fryer is something your whole family will enjoy.