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Enhance Your Interactive Gaming Experience- A Guide To How You Can Bring Life To Your First-Person and Third-Person Shooter Games

There are multitudes of perspectives on how the gaming experience brings us an alternative reality. People tend to get involved in video game interactivity for various reasons, some do it as a hobby, some do it as an escape from their stressful life whereas some are just passionate about games. Long story short, games bring us an interactive experience that lets us emerge into this other world where we are our own protagonists. The majority of the people who don’t get consoles, and PlayStations, satisfy their whims for gaming with their cellphones. However, phones rely on power to remain active, most games take up half of your phone battery within just 1 or 2 hours of play. 



PUBG has been the most addictive game around the globe. As the kids, teenagers, and adults all together remained hooked to this game to get that satisfying chicken dinner trophy, they were also giving away a major part of their phone battery.

It has been popularly known that PUBG is one of the worst battery-consuming games found on mobile. As a matter of fact, any 3D game would drain your phone battery but the games that interconnect you with players all around the world monopolize your battery usage for keeping you connected.

PUBG is a graphics-intensive game that takes almost all of your phone's graphic processor, ultimately draining a lot of your d battery. Although battery consumption entirely depends upon processor and battery size, your phone battery during the game is going to last depending on the processor and size of the battery. 

Call of Duty

Call of Duty

The game of soldiers where a player wears the amulet of a warrior is something very exciting and thrilling and this is why this game has been the most popular among the masses. 

Our mobile phones gulp away a huge chunk of battery when we are playing games on them. It has been critically claimed that depending on user phone settings, some people tend to lose around 25% of their battery over just a single online call of duty match.

Although there are tons of hacks to improve your smartphone battery life for gaming, having an external battery bank beats them all. You can either dim the screen, shorten the screen time-out, use airplane mode, no data mode, or maybe turn off vibration to save the phone battery vis-à-vis gameplay but keeping an ultra-fast power bank that quickly charges up your phone is by far the most durable choice for you.



In a Fortnite match, a player is connected to 99 other people who are ready to battle to the death in a battle royale map, this also means that you have to be connected to good WiFi on your smartphone and your data usage will be quickly draining your phone battery.

Whether you are an iPhone user or Samsung one, the app consumes your phone battery without any compromise or sense of discrimination.

How Do Games Drain Your Phone Battery

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When you play games on your phone the hardware of your mobile phone is under a heavy load thereby both temperature and power consumption increase on your phone. This is also probably why playing games consume a lot more power of your phone than making calls, streaming videos, or listening to music.

Gaming on the go has become a popular trend among the masses, ever since the inception of games, gamers have carried their entertainment along with them whenever and wherever they went. With the invention of smart gadgets, games became more accessible to people, any popular or technologically advanced game can be just played on your smartphone. However, the limitation that comes along with the addiction to gaming is the toll it takes on your phone battery

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