6 Mistakes You Need To Avoid When Using Your Air Frye

6 Mistakes You Need To Avoid When Using Your Air Fryer

Air fryers take the hassle out of everyday cooking. As more people are discovering the use of air fryers for their kitchens, understanding the difference can help you get delicious results instead of a burnt mess.

Air fryers substantially reduce your energy consumption by up to 80 percent when compared with the traditional cooking method. Thus, switching can help you save on the cost and contribute to the environment.

Air fryers help you cook healthy meals, and get you the best results every time. Whether you’re new to cooking or an expert, there are several un-knowing mistakes that people make when they use their air fryers. If you’re planning on buying, you must know how to handle it correctly.

Be sure to check out some of these mistakes and know how to avoid them when using your air fryer.

You Don’t Read The Instructions Before Using It

Read The Instructions

Air fryers come with a proper manual to help you avoid mistakes and provide the right guideline for usage. You need to follow the instructions to avoid damage to your air fryer and from incurring costs.

You can also check the instruction and manual on the website of your air fryer company. With the right usage process, you’re sure to avoid these little mistakes and extend the efficiency of your air fryer.

You Throw Away Excess Oil

throw Away Excess Oil

It is important to know that excess oil in the air fryer can damage the appliance internally and can reduce cooking efficiency. It is important to drain the oil properly to avoid issues in the regulation of temperature. You must immediately reduce the oil once you’re done cooking.

You can clean the excess oil with the help of a paper towel or pour some water to remove the oil. You must focus on preventing oil accumulation inside the air fryer. Make sure your air fryer is clean after every use.

You Don’t Preheat Your Air Fryer

Don’t Preheat Your Air Fryer

The air fryer doesn’t require pre-heating! Please stop doing this mistake if you’re one of those who tend to preheat the air fryer before cooking. You can immediately start cooking the food by setting the air fryer at a certain temperature.

If you preheat the air fryer, it will also increase the temperature of the food inside. Whereas there is some air fryer in the market that mention to pre-heat before starting the process, only those can be preheated. If it’s not mentioned then you don’t need to preheat.

You Only Use Fresh Ingredients In Your Recipes

Use Fresh Ingredients

Fresh ingredients give you a better result during cooking, as air fryers are designed to work with foods frozen vegetables, fruits, and legumes are a great way to add nutrients and protein to your diet when you’re on the go.

You can easily make recipes like veggie fried rice, veggie tacos, veggie stir-fry, veggie soups, and many more by using them. When you use fresh ingredients, the result is always fresh and juicy but with fewer nutrients. You need to remember that your air fryer is a healthy appliance, and you need to use it wisely when cooking healthy food.

You Omit Air When Cooking Food Or Use The Wrong Amount

Omit Air When Cooking Food

You need to use about 2 cups of water for every 1 cup of food to omit the air when cooking food if you don’t like to end up with undercooked or burnt food. The air fryer only comes with a fan and a container, thus without air the food will end up soggy.

You must know the right amount of water to be added to avoid any food mess. If you don’t want to mess with your food, kitchen appliances must be used properly to avoid wasteful cooking.

You Incorporate Too Much Salt

Incorporate Too Much Salt

Most people layer their food with salt before starting to cook in the air fryer. When using an air fryer, you must know that dry-salt layering can cause the basket coating to break down and peel.

Keep the salt content in your food up to the 2% mark. If you’re adding too much salt, it will end up damaging your air fryer and make it less efficient. Therefore, you must review the instruction manual with the air fryer to ensure you’re putting the right amount of salt.


You can air fry anything these days, and why wouldn’t you want to? Air fryers can save you energy costs and reduce your time to cook substantially. It is a great invention for everyday cooking, but you need to avoid mistakes to achieve the best results.

Read the instruction, follow the steps, and use as per the given guidelines. To sum up, you always don’t need to pre-heat the air fryer, you need to use fresh ingredients in your recipes, omit oil when cooking, and incorporate the right amount of salt to avoid messy and soggy food. If you follow these steps, your food remains crispy and tasteful every time.